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The Pioneer Pack

The projects and articles shared here will help you get geared up and experience the most from your upcoming LDS history trek or camp. Not everyone plans to pursue living history long-term, and that’s okay! These articles set out some easy-to-follow options for youth and adult leaders who want to add an accurate flavor of the past to their trek, but also harmonizes with the goals and desires of those interested in more in-depth history experiences.

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Each link below will open an article or project in PDF format. You’ll need to have the free Adobe reader installed on your computer to be able to view, save, or print these documents.

The Legal Stuff

Every article and project shared on this site is protected by US copyright as well as US licensing rules. My goal is to make them widely available, and to that end, I offer them free of charge, with the following licensing provisions. Please respect my copyright and licensing rights by abiding to both the letter and spirit of these provisions:

  • You may make photocopies or print out copies of these articles, in whatever quantity is needed, for personal, ward, stake, regional, or historic site use.
  • The copies should be shared as-is, without alterations.
  • You may distribute physical copies free of charge, or may recoup the actual copying costs, but the articles may not be sold for profit, or distributed as part of any for-profit manual, pack, or presentation.
  • Items made from these articles and projects are for personal use  or site educational use only, and should not be sold.
  • If you would like to share these articles on your own site or blog, please link directly to them here. I do update them from time to time, and the link will ensure your visitors and friends have access to the most updated versions.

The Full E-Book

The Pioneer Pack will soon be available as a free digital book (PDF format), complete with all the projects and articles here, plus additional activities and resources.

Individual Articles

Click the links below to open and view the article or project on-line, or right-click to save it on your computer and open it off-line.

Overview Articles

Why Dress Like a Pioneer?

Preparing for Your Trek

Overlander Foods

How to Dress as a Pioneer Man or Boy

How to Dress as a Pioneer Woman

How to Dress as a Pioneer Girl

Keeping Clean on the Trail

How to Host a Work Day


How to Choose Pioneer Patterns

Make a Pioneer Sunbonnet

Make a Pioneer Half-Apron

How to Make Pioneer Skirts & Petticoats (Made in print cotton, this same project works for basic skirts.)

Make a Pioneer Shawl

Make Drawers for Women

How To Make a Man’s or Boy’s Cap

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