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The Book

Clothing the Saints is the working title of a comprehensive book for LDS living history. Encompassing research and application strategies for the Kirtland-to-Salt Lake years, plus clothing construction project for men and women, it is a valuable guide for anyone engaged in historic tourism, historic site missionary work or volunteering, DUP presentations, and other historic pursuits.

Accurate historic clothing, suited to the climate and activities of the wearer, is a great way to connect to our past, and help others discover their own connections. Until now, putting all the pieces together has been a challenge, but Clothing the Saints makes it easier than you ever anticipated. With accurate historic clothing, ever aspect of your message is in harmony.

Clothing the Saints  will be available for purchase in fall 2013 from ESC Publishing. Projects excerpted here may be freely copied and shared for personal, ward, stake, regional, or historic site use.

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